The Death of Ana Weber

Brink Case #004

Investigation Details

The Weber family reported the sudden death of grandmother (Ana Weber) over night.
All family members live in the same household - Joanna (Mother), Dawid (father), Rebecca (daughter) and 2 (two) sons, Kane and Iain.

Ambulance service attend. Paramedics reveal that the body appears to have been deceased for at least a week.
The coroner confirms on initial examination that the body appears to be in advanced stages of death.

The family members were interviewed under caution.
Their accounts remain consistent. Each family member stated they spoke to Ana before going to bed the previous night.
Joanna discovered the deceased at around 0620am.
Apparently, Ana had been suffering from mental health issues and had not left the living room for several years. Each family member shared respnsibility for looking after her by providing food and a bed pan. Ana refused to wash.
They were in the process of applying for community care as her mental health had declined rapidly in the weeks leading up to her death.

The majority of Ana's body - arms, legs, torso (up to her diaphram) - was gangreneous and technically dead for at least 3 (three) weeks. There were signs of active decay and skeletonisation in all limbs and torso. Her nails and teeth were absent.
Her lungs were filled with infected liquid.
Her head appeared to be the only part of her body without infection.
It is unknown how Ana could have lived as long as she did.

Cause of death: Gangrene, sepsis

The body was since stolen from St Mary's hospital over night following the dismissal of the police continuity officer at 0300am.

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