About The Brink comic

A sci-fi horror comic series about friendship & addiction

The Brink

Cover Art: Marcelo Simonetti

Comic book series
Writer, creator, letterer, editor

Steven Sweeney

Artist, illustrator

Marcelo Simonetti (Issue 1 & 2)
Miky Ruiz (Issue 3-5)

Cover artist

Marcelo Simonetti (issue 1-3)
Miky Ruiz (Issue 4-5)


The Brink is a supernatural Detective thriller that plays with our perceptions of reality through gritty themes and twists. It features two police detectives who investigate cases of a terrifying nature in London, UK.

Detective Inspector Sally Shivers heads up the Fringe Services Division (FSD), a unique investigative unit that was set up by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) following an official independent review into the way police carry out investigations into certain crimes. The report identified police failings in cases of an unexplainable or abnormal nature.

Detective Sergeant Cameron Beckett is hand-picked by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police to work with DI Shivers. DS Beckett has been briefed to challenge Shivers and demystify the cases they deal with. These cases are known as Brink cases.

How will DI Sally Shivers deal with the pressures from a boss looking for an excuse to shut the unit down and her new inquisitive straight-laced partner? How will DS Cameron Beckett maintain objectivity and carry out the orders of the Commissioner as he witnesses otherworldly events?

Thank you
The artist - Miky Ruiz

Thanks Miky, your work ethic is second-to-none, your artistic talent is amazing and working with you is a pleasure.

The artist - Marcelo Simmonetti

Thanks Marcelo, you're unexpected kindness and advice has been such an inspiration. You have grown my depth of understanding ten-fold.

Supporter artist - Gabriel Serro

Thanks Gabriel, your stylistic version of The Watcher makes a fantastic variant cover.

Supporter artist - Natalia Olano

Thanks Natalia, your interpretation of DI Sally Shivers in water colour is truely amazing.

Supporter artist - Mattias Zebellos

Thanks Mattias, the creature appears even more menacing in your art work.

Thank you supporters of 'The Brink' issue #3 & #4 in 2020

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