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Fringe Services Division

SUPT KING 2999356
New unit

DI Sally Shivers heads up the Fringe Services Division (FSD). It is a unique specialist investigative unit that was set up by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) following an official independent review into the way police carry out investigations into certain crimes.

The report identified police failings in cases of a unexplained or abnormal nature.


The FSD is fully funded by the MoD and housed within the Met Police. TWO(2) posts are currently funded (Detective Inspector and Detective Sergeant) with scope to increase to meet demand.

Further funding is available for resources and overtime. Note, the MoD has not specified a budget.

Supervision and support

Line management of officers lies with Superintendent KING, however, full reports are required and accessible by the MoD and the Commissioner of the Metropolis at UK TOP SECRET level.

New police officer contracts have been issued with MoD revisions, allowing the use of deadly force in circumstances not currently backed up by science. DI SHIVERS has been issued a firearm (Glock 17 standard issue).