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NUMEN LABS is a biotechnology and biological research facility specialising in genomics and genetics. The Head Quarters are based in London, however there are several buildings registered to Numen Labs across the country.


Numen Labs has an international reputation for exemplary academic research, undertaking a broad range of cutting edge projects across areas as diverse as food security, cancer research and molecule discovery.

The main aim of the research conducted at Numen Labs is to study the molecular mechanisms that underlie normal cellular processes and functions, and to understand how these systems are affected by age and lifestyle. Work also covers how faults or abnormalities in these systems may contribute to disease. Numen Labs alos trains PhD students. The research laboratories are structured around the following strategic programmes:

Signalling (headed by Prof. Lauren Turner): focuses on proteins that play a critical role in controlling communication between and within cells

Epigenetics (headed by Dr. Joseph Mengel): studies how epigenetic information is introduced into the genome during early development of an organism, and it's milituristic uses.

Sequencing (headed by Dr. Simon Marcelo): studies on innovative sequencing technologies and experimental design.

Pathogen genomics (headed by Dr. Simon Marcelo): specialises in the nano fabrication of synthetic DNA for use in bacteria and viral resistence.

Interestingly, they do not appear to collaborate with others in the industry.


Numen Labs research programmes are funded by private investors and the Minitry of Defence (MoD).


Chief Executive: Prof. Lauren Turner
Director: Dr Simon Marcelo
Consultant (genomics and genetics): Dr Joseph Mengel

There are FOUR(4) teams; ONE(1) for each of the strategic programmes, containing up to FIVE(5) scientists on each.

Nument Labs also runs a paid internship programme which trains, develops and employs it's interns.