Brink Case #001

Scene: ZD801
Single Coombe Woods, Croydon, London, UK

Investigation Details
3rd, 04:30 - PC781 3015723

Responding to a 999 call, the Informant heard screams from Coombe Woods. Her garden backs on to the woods so it was difficult for informant to provide exact location, however, informant stated she saw a black figure leap through the trees. She was scared that an animal had escaped from a zoo and called 999 immediately. After speaking to informant, I patrolled Coombe Woods.

I arrived on scene at 0335 HOURS. I found a large pool of blood on the path around 100 meters from the West entrance on Conduit Way. I then informed my supervisor and CID. I cordoned the path near the West entrance and requested assistance to cordon the other side of the path.

After speaking to SOCO Bhatti I shone my torch and saw the body of VICTIM 1 hanging from the large branch of a tree. I shouted up at the VICTIM but did not get a response. I could not climb up the tree to administer first aid so I called the Control Room and requested the Ambulance Service.

Ambulance Service arrived at 0403 HOURS.

05:30- PC781 3015723

Doctor Petrov attended scene at 0525 HOURS.
Victim One life pronounced extinct at 0527 HOURS.

06:23 - PC207 [Sceneguard early shift handover from PC781]
06:48 - SOCO BHATTI [Attending scene]

Attended scene at 0645. Scene processed. Observations:
Scene secured and cordoned across both sides of public footpath.
VICTIM ONE suspended from branch of a tree.
Spinal cord separated from torso.
Blood pooling directly below body, however blood splatter suggests injuries occurred on the ground.

RB1 - Blood sample from blood splatter on ground.
RB2 - Blood sample from blood splatter on trunk of tree.
RB3 - Blood sample from blood pooling on ground.
RB4 - Torn flesh with bloody fingerprints
RB5 - Fluid droplets leading East into Coombe woods.
RB6 - Spinal cord.
RB7 - Body of VICTIM ONE.
RB8 - Torn clothing found 10 metres from scene.

12:10 - SUPT KING 2999356 [Reviewed. Brink Case. Refer to the FSD]
12:11 - SYSTEM [Brink Case Transfer Complete]
14:15 - DI SHIVERS 3014159 [Brink Case Accepted]
17:38 - PC781 3015723 [Sceneguard late shift handover from PC207]

The Creature

Victim One

Art: Marcelo Simonetti